Vestibular Assessment (ENG & VNG)

Vestibular Assessment (ENG & VNG)

LeMay Hearing & Balance provides both types of vestibular assessment testing for a thorough diagnosis of your disorder. Dr. LeMay’s recent participation in an Advanced Studies in Vestibular Sciences & Disorders certificate program provided him with specialized training incorporating the latest science and technology, enabling him to offer patients up-to-date treatment of their vestibular and balance disorders.

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Balance Disorders

Balance disorders are common, affecting over half the U.S. population at some point in their lives. While most symptoms are temporary and do not indicate a serious condition, testing is needed to successfully diagnose a cause. Vestibular assessment testing, typically ENG and VNG tests, is the most accurate method of determining the reason for dizziness and balance problems.


Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography (ENG/VNG) are groups of tests used to help physicians diagnose problems with dizziness and balance. These series of tests provide a wealth of information about the balance system. In ENG Testing, detailed measurements of eye movement are obtained through a battery of tests that includes calibration testing, gaze nystagmus testing, pendulum tracking and optokinetics. In this series of tests, the patient is attached to electrodes and asked to follow light movements. This series of tests is primarily used for evaluating problems in the central nervous system that may be contributing to imbalance or dizziness.


Other components of the test battery include positional testing, which involves placing the head and body in different positions and measuring eye movement, and water caloric testing, which uses cool and warm water irrigation of the ears as a stimulus to test for peripheral vestibular dysfunction. In some cases, air may be used instead of water.

VNG testing involves similar procedures, but instead of attaching electrodes to the patient, a combination of video goggles and cameras are used. Visit LeMay Hearing & Balance for an appointment with one of our balance specialist.