Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different

Our office is committed to providing total hearing care. We are confident that we provide the most thorough state of the art diagnostic hearing evaluations. Our audiologists have doctoral degrees in audiology and will perform all of the testing. The goal is to get very detailed analysis of your hearing and accurate diagnosis of the problem so we can make the best decision for each patient.

It is important to point out that this may or may NOT necessarily involve intervention with hearing aids. If a medical solution is indicated, our audiologists can determine this and will make the appropriate referral. We are proud of the fact that 90% of the patients we see are referred by physicians or “word of mouth.”

We offer complete hearing aid services including hearing aid sales, service on essentially all brands, and repairs. We specialize in assistive listening listening devices as well. Our audiologists are trained in tinnitus evaluations, full diagnostic audiology including auditory processing, and evaluation to determine cochlear implant candidacy.

We are committed to working with most of the major hearing aid companies and recommend and fit several “brands” depending on each individual patient’s needs and sound quality preference. We are very proud and work hard to stay current with new technology. Many offices and the “hearing aid stores” often carry only one brand.

We specialize in “difficult to fit” cases. We verify all hearing aid fittings with real ear probe microphone measurements and speech mapping to provide the most accurate fitting possible.
Our audiologists have recent post doctoral training in the evaluation of vertigo and balance problems. Electronystagmography (ENG) and videonystagmography ( VNG) are routinely performed to assist physicians in the diagnosis of vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders.

Our audiologists have advanced training in the treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo with canalith repositioning procedures.

We believe that careful and conscientious follow-up is crucial for patients to be successful hearing aid users. Our office is dedicated to provide whatever follow-up is needed to provide the best hearing possible. Our goal is to create a “patient for life.”